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Diversily is uniting teams around the world, from tech scale ups to global corporates and non-profits, to deliver more impact. 

We unleash healthy, high performance, with diversity by design and intentional inclusion. 

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Case Studies

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All people managers at Outpost VFX across four global locations participated in the Diversily Inclusive Leadership Programme to inspire inclusive action.

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Diversily supported YouView you to develop their diversity and inclusion strategy and then delivered training across the organisation.


ADLIB Ran the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon to strengthen their inclusive culture & help their clients do the same.


Success stories

"The Inclusive Leadership workshop has been incredibly helpful to raise awareness and also provide a trusted space in which people felt they could be vulnerable, open up and share concerns. There were so many of those ‘ah ha’ moments and ideas to incorporate the learnings into our everyday actions."
Photo of Niki Hunt
Niki Hunt
Global Head of HR, Outpost VFX
"Diversily are thorough, knowledgeable and adaptable. They delivered a strategy that provided immediate value and will drive change in the coming months and years."
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Sanika Thomas
Senior HR Manager, YouView
The Diversly Ideathon was nothing short of a great success. The format created an environment that encouraged confidence and participation throughout the business and resulted in authentic and valuable proposals that developed our internal awareness of inclusion.
Headshot of Nick Dean
Nick Dean
Managing Director, Ad Lib

One size doesn't fit all

At Diversily we offer a tailored and personalised service to help our clients find solutions that are just right for them.

Whether it’s leadership, culture, innovation or strategy, we’re here to help you take a more human centred approach in order to get better results. 

Ready to experience the transformative power of inclusion?

Example Projects

Learn more about some of the projects we have had he privilege to support our client with. 

Inclusive leadership

A global fintech had historically taken a ‘command and control’ style approach to leadership. 

Diversily delivered over 70 Inclusive Leadership workshops to people leaders across their global business, changing mindsets to drive inclusive change and boost business performance.  

Inclusive Innovation

A European bank were looking to raise awareness and drive culturally inclusive innovation. 

Through a bespoke workshop designed and facilitated by Diversily and ongoing use of The Diversily Toolkit they were able to increase understanding, generate ideas and build a picture of what culturally inclusive innovation looks like for them. 

Inclusive teams

After seeing the impact of the Diversily Inclusive Leadership programme, a tech company wanted to engage all staff in contributing to creating an inclusive culture.

They engaged Diversily to create a bespoke inclusive teams workshop. After a successful pilot and positive feedback, they engaged Diversily to deliver across the business. 

Psychological safety

After rolling out the  Diversily Inclusive Leadership programme across the organisation, a B2B tech company wanted to increase psychological safety within their organisation in order to drive their success. 

They selected Diversily to design them a bespoke programme. After piloting the sessions in multiple locations, and receiving positive feedback, the decided to roll out the programme.  They engaged Diversily to not just deliver training, but support them to take a measured and strategic approach to increasing safety across the business. 

Strategy definition

A research institute knew that inclusion was core to their mission, but hadn’t establish a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.

They selected Diversily to support them, due to our unique focus on both innovation and inclusion, to create their first strategy. We took them through our tried and tested strategy discovery process using The Change Canvas. We engaged all staff to contribute, through a series of workshops and an anonymous survey.  We consolidated all inputs into a meaningful strategy.  As well as being delighted with a strategy to guide their path forward, the team felt that the process itself, helped them to make progress on their diversity and inclusion journey. 

Executive team engagement

A tech company engaged Diversily to deliver The Inclusive Leadership programme across their organisation. They wanted to ensure their executives were leading from the top and setting the tone, however they recognised they wanted a tailored approach. 

Diversily facilitated a series of discussions to engage the executive team to explore how they can both be inclusive role models and drive inclusive action across the organisation. 

Inclusive culture building

A tech recruiter wanted to encourage all of their staff to contribute to building a more inclusive workplace culture.

They ran the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon which generated authentic and valuable change proposals and developed their internal awareness of inclusion. The shared experience boosted confidence and participation and provided a platform to educate their clients. 

Focus group faciliation

A global tech company wanted to better understand the experience of their staff through the lenses of ethnicity and disability. 

They engaged Diversily as they wanted an independent party to create a safe space for honest feedback. Diversily  designed, managed and ran the sessions in multiple regions in a sensitive manner in order to create a report of anonymous feedback and themes. They were then able to use the insights to inform what actions to take in order to deliver the most impact for these groups. 

Inclusive product design

A B2C tech company wanted to make their products more inclusive, but didn’t know where to start.

They engaged Diversily to design and deliver an interactive workshop to help the 200+ people in their product organisation understand the ‘why’, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of inclusive product design. 

Neurodiversity panel discussion

A tech company were looking for an engaging way to educate their whole company on neurodiversity.

They engaged Diversily to design a session, leverage our network to bring together a panel of experts and people with lived experience and then host the discussion. The session was one of the most highly rated, of the whole day company event. 

Unconscious bias for product teams

A tech company wanted to drive action after their product organisation completed online training on unconscious bias. 

They engaged Diversily to deliver a moving, personal and action oriented talk to 900+ people, to inspire and motivate their teams to take action.

Employee resource group management

A grass roots company wide diversity and inclusion network were looking for a simple but effective way to co-ordinate their efforts across the business.

They used The Change Canvas to drive their global initiatives by sharing aspirations, gathering ideas, co-ordinating action and celebrating successes. 

Success stories

Diversily understood what we were trying to accomplish, took the time to listen to our needs. We selected them as a partner because we felt they would support us on the journey in the right way.
Christina Headshot
Christina Nunes
People & Culture Lead - YouView
"Listening to external experts is an excellent way to get out of one’s comfort zone and to learn how to think out of the box. Marissa guided us in a thinking process leading to inclusion rather than unconscious exclusion. Brilliant! Thank you for your talk at Swift."
Alexandre Headshot
Alexandre Coutsouradis
Product Manager, Swift
"Marissa is an organized, calm and efficient expert who can navigate complex situations, and who has helped enormously in setting up our EDI strategy development process. I felt confident having an expert guide, who was also patient and appreciative of organisational context. "
Headshot of Hayley Shaw
Hayley Shaw
Institute and Partnerships Manager, BDFI

True innovation and success emerge when inclusion is woven into the fabric of every endeavor.