Success Stories

All people managers at Outpost VFX across four global locations participated in the Diversily Inclusive Leadership Programme to inspire inclusive action.

We spoke to Niki Hunt, the Global Head of HR to get her feedback after the programme. 

What challenges did you face that prompted you to work with Diversily?

We wanted to take very decisive and planned action to improve inclusion and diversity. We felt it was important to create a strong foundational understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace to enable us to move forward together. We wanted to empower all managers to feel confident and capable to play their part in driving change.

Why did you choose to work with Diversily?

We were recommended Diversily and following a conversation with Marissa felt that this was the right choice for us. It felt like a true partnership right from the start.

What impact do you think The Inclusive Leadership Programme has already had or will have for Outpost VFX?

The Inclusive Leadership workshop has been incredibly helpful to raise awareness and also provide a trusted space in which people felt they could be vulnerable, open up and share concerns. There were so many of those  ‘ah ha’ moments and we are looking at how we can incorporate much of the learnings into our everyday actions.

Following the leadership programme, to maintain the momentum it has generated,  we’ll be running further workshops to gather insight and ideas from the teams globally to help us scope and shape our D&I plans. The Change Canvas is such a great tool that we will continue to use. 

What would you say to others who are considering the Diversily Inclusive Leadership Programme?

Just do it! You won’t regret it. 

The programme is insightful, interesting and impactful. It has really made people think and want to make changes based on their learnings. Change requires everyone across the business to get involved, not just HR. This is a fantastic way to accelerate change in your organisation.