Success Stories

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Diversily supports YouView as a strategic partner and training provider to help them accelerate their diversity, equity and inclusion journey.

We are committed to continuing to support YouView as they make excellent progress on their DE&I journey. Here’s what YouView had to say about their engagement with Diversily so far. 

What challenges did you face that prompted you to work with Diversily?

We wanted to create a meaningful DE&I strategy that would take us on a journey over a few years. We wanted it to be stretching but achievable. We also recognised that if we wanted to be a truly inclusive employer, our people also had to go on the journey with us and we needed to give them the tools do to this.

Why did you choose to work with Diversily?

We liked the simplicity of The Change Canvas and the fact that they had a tried and test approach for DE&I Strategy development. Their experience of the tech sector was also a contributing factor for us we felt they would understand the context of our business better than a more general DE&I consultancy. Diversily understood what we were trying to accomplish and we felt they would partner with us to support us on the journey in the right way. Their knowledge in DE&I and how to get the best from an organisation is outstanding and they also have a great network in this space.

How have Diversily supported you?

Diversily have helped us from the beginning of our DE&I journey.  Firstly supporting us to create our strategy by engaging key stakeholders from across the business  and then establishing a steering board in order to execute against our strategy. Next they ran a training programme for our managers as well as supporting our product and design team to consider how to embed inclusion, not just into our culture but into our offerings. They listened to what we needed and created a bespoke programme to meet our needs. The trainers were amazing and our managers took  away actionable insights from the sessions. We’re now working together to roll out training to the rest of the organisation and plan to run the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon to further engage our staff in contributing to our DE&I journey. With their extensive network of partners they have also been very helpful in recommending other providers, for example to support us with neurodiversity inclusion and inclusive language. 

What impact has your engagement with Diversily had?

The strategy that Diversily helped us to create, has really given us a focus to support our growth in DE&I. It has also taken it from a HR agenda to a companywide one.

We have seen a real change from our people since we launched the strategy – there is a sense of vision and direction and people are now taking proactive action where previously the expectation was to be told what to do. 

The training journey we are on has meant that people are talking more openly about DE&I and it is becoming a part of our practices and how we work, rather than an afterthought.

The introduction to Inclusive Product Design really got the team thinking and sparked ideas. The Inclusive Leadership programme covered everything needed to get lay the foundations, build understanding, prompt self reflection and get the conversation going around DE&I.

What would you say to others who are considering working with Diversily?

We have found Diversily to be thorough, knowledgeable and adaptable to our organisation.  Their workshops are well designed and their facilitators are very engaging. If you are looking for a strategic partner who can help you drive inclusive, high performance, Diversily are excellent.