Success Stories


ADLIB Ran The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon to Strengthen Their Inclusive Culture & Help Their Clients Do the Same.

We caught up with ADLIB, a B Corp certified recruitment agency, before they ran The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon to talk about why diversity matters and tell them more about the event. You can read the full interview on their blog here

After their event we caught up with ADLIB again to find out how it went. This is what they said…

What appealed to you about the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon? Why did you sign up to run one for ADLIB?

We believe changes need to be made to the way businesses attract, recruit and retain diverse talent. The best way to talk to our clients is to learn and grow, share our own experiences. Inclusion isn’t a one off workshop and tick box exercise, it’s an ongoing requirement that requires constant attention, especially as the business and people adjust and grow.

What were some of the highlights from your Inclusion Ideathon?

It was really encouraging seeing so many of the team sign up and want to be involved. Hearing the ideas and enthusiasm from a range of people across the business, including those who wouldn’t usually put themselves forward really made the event come to life, and created a buzz around the topic of Diversity and Inclusion.

Can you share some of the feedback? Why do you think this event worked so well at ADLIB?

Overall we had some really great feedback. Everyone enjoyed the interactive nature of the event, rather than just being talked at for two hours! It allowed everyone to start some real conversations and voice their opinions on what we do as a business and how we can improve. Everyone at ADLIB is invested in creating a working environment that is welcoming, supportive, and just a great place to be, which I think really came across during the event.

What impact do you think running the Inclusion Ideathon will have for ADLIB?

The Ideathon isn’t just an informative training event, it has provided a platform for honest discussion, with the ultimate goal of creating actual change within our business that is truly relevant to us; highlighting what we already do well, whilst pushing us to improve. 

The people are what make ADLIB. Giving the people a voice and opportunity to make changes that are important to them will only make ADLIB a more desirable and inclusive place to work, and hopefully encourage other businesses around us to do the same. 

What would you say to others who are considering running a Diversily Inclusion Ideathon?

I would say, “What are you waiting for?”. Diversity and inclusion is hugely important topic of conversation that needs to be in everyone’s dialogue NOW. The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon is a great interactive event, that encourages just that, with absolute participant input and collaboration. It is fun and informative, and really does get everyone thinking about how they personally can do more, as well as how improvements can be made within their business.