The Diversily Canvas Collection

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Use The Diversily visual frameworks to unite people to drive inclusive change.

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The Diversily Canvases

A collection of visual frameworks to help you drive inclusive change.

The Diversily Canvases redefine how organisations approach planning for diversity and inclusion, offering a visual and collaborative space where ideas flourish. They serve as powerful guides, providing clarity and structure to the complexities of driving inclusive change. Whether you’re aiming for a more inclusive workplace, developing products for diverse audiences, or fostering inclusive leadership, these visual frameworks are your allies in driving impactful and lasting change.

All canvases can be downloaded for free in the Inclusive Innovation Playbook

The Power of the Canvas

Conversation is important – but talk can be fast, fragile and disconnected. Even when we think we agree, often we have different interpretations or ideas about what has been discussed or decided. While writing extensive documents is time consuming and impractical, canvases offer an efficient alternative. They go beyond conversation by providing a visual structure that fosters focused dialogue, forcing sense-making, clarifying, and summarizing complex ideas. The simplicity of these frameworks is their power, cutting through complexity to facilitate quick debates, efficient documentation, and enhanced communication. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All we ask is that you preserve our branding to encourage more people to use them and share your feedback. This enables us to promote inspiring stories of change and continue to keep improving our resources. 

Simply sign up to The Inclusive Innovation Playbook online resource and you can download them from there, for free. We recommend uploading the jpgs to an online whiteboard, such as Miro or Mural, where you can gather your team to start adding virtual post it notes.