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We bring people together to change mindsets, envision a better future and drive forward impactful action. 

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We are experts in crafting engaging participant experiences that create memorable moments, in a challenging yet supportive environment.

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Ready To Go Workshops

For people leaders

Without inclusive leaders, who set the tone and act as role models and allies, you risk undermining all other efforts.

Inclusive Leadership

Essential for the modern workplace

Perfect for: People leaders at all levels who want to  lead effectively in an increasingly diverse and complex landscape, by fostering diversity, equity and inclusion. We’ll help you develop the skills and mindset necessary to create environments where every team member feels valued and heard, and team performance soars. 

Psychological Safety

The number one driver of team success

Perfect for: People leaders interested in creating an environment where team members feel safe to express their ideas, take risks, and be vulnerable without fear of reprisal in order to  foster innovation, collaboration, and overall team well-being.

For all staff

Without including everyone, you can lack important perspectives, a shared sense of ownership and not realise your full collective potential.


Achieve more

Perfect for: Team members involved in collaborative work who want to become better allies, contribute to a more inclusive team dynamic and actively participate in building a thriving, supportive workplace that values and celebrates difference.

The Inclusion Ideathon

Co-create a better workplace for everyone

Perfect For: Organisations that recognise the value of intentional, inclusive culture building and are looking to bring people together to have courageous conversation and co-create solutions to drive more diversity and inclusion.

For product people

Diversity and inclusion isn’t just about internal culture, it needs to be embedded in the products and services you  create. 

Inclusive Experience Design

Create better, more inclusive products

Perfect For: People involved in the creation of digital products and services who want to take a more intentionally inclusive approach and cater for diversity by design in order to create better experiences for everyone.

Inclusive Innovation

Embed inclusion as standard into the way you work

Perfect For:  Senior leaders responsible for designing innovation practices who want to systematically embed diversity, equity and inclusion in order to maximise innovation potential, gain market share and not get left behind.  

Ready to start your inclusion evolution?

Reach out to us and let’s tailor a programme that suits your organisations specific needs and goals. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey towards a more inclusive and empowered workplace. 

Success stories

"The biggest take away for me from the Inclusive Leadership Programme was Marissa Ellis' ability to create a psychological safe space for all participants to enter at times difficult conversations without judgement. I was truly moved by how it felt to be truly heard, particularly when sharing my lived experiences around disability. If you are a business leader, wanting to create greater trust, psychological safety, empathy and understanding in your teams then you really need to experience The Diversily Inclusive Leadership Programme."
Cressida Headshot
Cressida Stephenson
Director Eden Chase Associates
"I can't believe the Inclusive Leadership programme is over! The learning and growth that took place during it will be invaluable. It's a game changer for creating a more innovative and productive environment, not to mention better decision making. Thanks Marissa for all the hard work and for providing a safe space for learning and growth."
Headshot Pamela
Pamela Bennet
People Manager, AdLib
Having just completed the Diversily Inclusive Leadership programme, I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you are a leader who is serious about exploring the critical "How" around diversity and inclusion, it's a must. One of the (many) takeaways was to actually continue to make real change through action in the spheres we inhabit. I pass that action on to YOU reading this right now, to check out the programme! I promise you it will be worth it and your team, business and personal outlook will change as a result.
Chris Dunning -Walton
MD & Board Advisor

Tailor made or off the shelf workshops

Options for everyone

Our workshops are interactive experiences, backed by research and packed with insights and concrete suggested follow up actions to put learnings into practice. 


Done for you

Select from our pre-designed off the shelf workshops, and our team of experienced facilitators will deliver a high impact experience for you. 


Done with you

We’ll work with you to tailor our workshop content to create a perfect experience to meet your unique needs. 


Done by you

Facilitate your own workshops using The Diversily visual frameworks as a focal point to provide structure and accelerate action.

Success stories

""I would highly recommend the Diversily Psychological Safety Starts With You Programme to all leaders. It not only elevates your awareness on psychological safety but gives you the tools to practice it in your team."
Marie-Charlotte Henseval
Head of Product Enablement, Swift
"Wowza! In terms of mega-high turnout and open engagement, the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon was truly inspiring. Creative juices flowed as we shared our views, asked questions and spoke up on areas we are ready to collectively action to co-create solutions that will increase our Diversity & Inclusion environment. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to other organisations that are ready to take positive action."
Teresa headshot
Teresa Nolan
Head of UKI Business Development, SWIFT
"Diversily created a bespoke workshop for ING, where we used The Change Canvas to improve the inclusion aspect in our innovation practices. It stimulated conversations about our present situation and where we would like to be. The canvas and the Inclusive Experience Design toolkit then helped in the idea generation and in exploring new ways of supporting our clients. Great tools!"
Ingemar Mikander
Ingemar Mikander
Product Owner, ING