Drive Impactful Action

Diversily offer a range of workshops, centred around our highly rated, flagship tool, The Change Canvas. The flow of the boards give the perfect balance needed to bring people together to reflect, envision the future and drive forward progress. 

The Change Canvas

Workshop Options

Our workshops use The Change Canvas and other visual frameworks in The Diversily Toolkit to unite people and accelerate progress. We take the audience on a journey to open up conversations, imagine the future and importantly commit to take action. We have packaged ready to go workshops, can work with you to create something perfect for your unique needs or you can take advantage of our free guide to create your own workshop using The Change Canvas. 

Ready to Go Workshops

  • Highly rated, packaged workshops that create an impact.
  • Growing range of options covering  inclusive leadership development, building great teams and driving inclusive action.
  • Facilitated for you, or by you.

Bespoke Workshops

  • Tailored to meet your unique requirements on a change topic of your choice.
  • We are experts in  strategy, organisational design, change, innovation, leadership, diversity and inclusion.
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Do It Yourself Workshops

  • Craft your own workshops and events using The Change Canvas as a focal point to give structure, focus and accelerate action. 
  • A fantastic tool to have in your toolkit for all workshop facilitators.
  • Find out more in our free guide. 

Ready To Go Workshops

Find out more about our ready to go, packaged workshops or contact us to discuss your requirements. All of our ready to go workshops can be tailored to suit. 

Inclusive Leadership Starts With You

Perfect For: Senior Leaders who want to develop themselves as leaders by developing their ‘inclusive intelligence’.

Format: One day face to face or multiple virtual sessions over a longer period. Facilitated ‘For You’ or ‘By You’ (with training).

The Emotions of Change

Perfect For: Teams who want to build an amazing culture and use emotional intelligence to inspire behaviour that drives team success. 

Format: One and a half to two hours, virtual or face to face. Facilitated ‘For You’ or ‘By You’ (with training).


The Inclusion Ideathon

Perfect For: Organisations that recognise the value of intentional, inclusive culture building and are looking to bring people together to have courageous conversation and co-create solutions to drive more diversity and inclusion.  

Format: Two sessions of two hours each, one week apart, virtual or face to face. Can be run in a single day. Facilitated ‘For You’ or ‘By You’ (guide and videos provided, extra training optional).

Inclusive Experience Design

Perfect For: Leaders, Innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers that want to focus in on specific experiences and use a structured step by step process to build in diversity by design and intensional inclusion. 

Format: Two to four hours depending on scope. Can be broken down into bitesize elements to fit with busy schedules. Facilitated For You’ or ‘By You’ (online course available, extra training optional).