The User Impact Canvas

Explore potential impact for diverse users

Feeling included isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it is a fundamental human need. While some user experiences cause harm, exceptional  experiences go beyond inclusion to empower diverse users.  The user impact canvas helps you consider how you can create a more positive impact for a diverse range of users. 

The User Impact Canvas

What is it?

The User Impact Canvas helps you to explore the past and potential impact of your user experience, in order to avoid harm and increase satisfaction. It helps you consider unintended consequences and how you might make people feel in order to create a better experience for everyone, avoiding negative impact.

Why does it matter?

Often experiences are created with a single dominant user in mind. However inclusive experiences are empowering for people of all genders, cultures, abilities and more. Without intention thought about the needs, experiences and potential impact to people from minority, marginalised or underserved backgrounds, you could unintentionally be excluding people, or worse causing harm.

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