The Change Canvas

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Change can be hard. The Change Change makes it easier, by providing a structured and effective guide, to help you navigate the uncertainty and resistance that can often accompany change. It combines reflection, vision and action into an iterative and results focused approach that is accelerating progress around the world. Unite people on a shared mission & inspire direction, empowerment, focus and transparency.

Use The Change Canvas to lead change change culture develop yourself mentor others create inclusion boost performance run projects define strategy innovate get results

The Change Canvas framework with 5 boards - Reflection, Vision, Ideas, Actions and Results

Organisations around the world are using The Change Canvas to unleash potential and make real progress. Example uses include powering diversity and inclusion initiatives, strategic planning, uniting cross functional teams and running workshops. 

What is it?

The Change Canvas is a simple but powerful framework for mapping out a desired change initiative. It helps you reflect on where you are today, define your vision for the future and take steps to make it happen; celebrating results along the way.  It inspires an iterative, action oriented approach that bonds people and gets results.

Why does it matter?

Whether it is personal change, organisational change or development of new products and services, change can be difficult. You can increase your chances of success by using the Change Canvas to provide focus, direction and alignment to create a shared, successful change journey for everyone involved.

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