The Change Canvas: Empowering change for business success

Marissa Ellis
Marissa Ellis

Diversily Founder

“With the end of the year approaching, several people mentioned that they would like to use The Change Canvas for a year-end team review and planning session. It is the perfect tool as it gets everyone involved, allows conversations to be opened up and ideas to be generated in an action-orientated, results-focused way.

I’ll really recommend it to get your team off to a great start in 2019”

Marissa Ellis, Founder of Diversily

Using The Change Canvas to bring people together generates a whole host of benefits to teams or organisations.

It can:

  • Boost team effectiveness and create alignment
  • Provide direction and focus minds on what matters
  • Spark ideas, encourage diversity of thought and drive action
  • Open up conversations and strengthen relationships
  • Create a lasting, visually engaging record of a discussion
  • Encourage celebration of success, recognition of achievements and boost motivation
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