Rethinking what is important for business success

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Marissa Ellis
Marissa Ellis

Diversily Founder

The traditional model of business is broken

In our ever changing and increasingly diverse and complex world, organisations are facing significant challenges.

Many claim that people are their greatest asset yet they have issues with attracting top talent, retaining staff and creating an environment where everyone can thrive. 

There is a huge wasted opportunity cost of a poor performing or disengaged workforce and proactive and progressive businesses are seeking new ways of working that drive engagement, agility and impact. 

These have not been priorities in traditional approaches to business and the cracks are starting to show. 

Many corporate performance studies show a direct & positive correlation between employee engagement and financial performance. Yet, other  studies show that the majority of the workforce is in fact disengaged. Lost productivity in the US alone is estimated at $370 Billion, annually.

  • You have seen the research that ‘diversity is good for business’ but you don’t know how to attract, support and leverage diverse talent.

A single minded focus on profit is not enough.

Responsible businesses need to consider people, plant and profit. Not only is it the right thing to do but it has been shown to drive business performance, and employees, customers and investors are all demanding it. 

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Command and control style leadership is no longer effective in an increasingly diverse and complex world.

To create an inclusive future we need leaders that build inclusive thinking into the core. We need leaders that are self-aware, empathetic and use this human connection to drive team success and business performance. 

The days of a 'one size fits all' workplace are over.

The workplace is not a meritocracy. The best talent will not simply rise to the top. Embedded systemic bias and power dynamics based on physical and societal characteristics such as gender, age & ethnicity (to name just a few) create a playing field that is far from level. Equity is needed to give people what they uniquely need to thrive. 

Use the differences between people to create better solutions for everyone.

Inclusive leaders foster a sense of belonging for everyone. Those who only cater for the majority & exclude others will soon fall behind the competition; both in terms of talent attraction and retention as well as being able to create products and services that truly satisfy diverse customer needs. 

It is time to rethink what is important for business success.


Unite your teams around a meaningful purpose, that inspires and guides all that you do. Create a positive social and environmental impact. Maximising profit alone is no longer enough.

Diversity & Inclusion

Leverage the perspectives and insights from diverse people in an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, in order to achieve more together.


Align individual, team and company goals and create a culture where people go out of their way to help each other.

Realise the full potential of your people and partnerships to collectively achieve more together.

  • Move from ‘individual excellence’ to ‘collective brilliance’.
  • Move from ‘command and control’ to ’empower and trust’.
  • Move from ‘know it all’ to ‘know your blind spots’.
  • Move from ‘be the best’ to ‘be authentic and vulnerable’.
  • Move from ‘compete to win’ to ‘rise together’.
  • Move from ‘meritocracy’ to ‘equity’.
  • Move from ‘spin and polish’ to ‘seeking the truth’.
  • Move from ‘profit, profit, profit’ to ‘people, planet and profit’.

Let us help you find that sweet spot where progress accelerates rapidly because the leaders, the strategy and the culture all align and encourage the right behaviours and actions. 

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