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Success stories

"I can honestly say the Diversily Inclusive Leadership programme has been life changing"
Lucy Heavens
Lucy Heavens
VP Marketing, Hokodo
"Are you looking to kick start a reflection around diversity & inclusion, where your employees are in the driving seat? Then don't look any further... "
Denis VVermeulen
Denis Vermeulen
Senior HR partner, SWIFT
"Diversily's approach for diversity and inclusion strategy development is methodical, respectful and insightful."
Caroline Senton
Caroline Seton
HR Director, YouView

Inclusion isn't just a 'nice-to-have' for business; it's the secret sauce for success.

Traditional approaches to leadership and innovation are no longer effective in our increasingly diverse and complex world. Those who don’t adapt will soon be left behind.

Inclusive workplaces breed innovation because they don’t just listen to the same voices; they unlock fresh ideas by fostering belonging across diversity. When people feel valued and included, they bring their A-game.

It’s not just about being nice; it’s about boosting creativity, problem-solving, and also the bottom line. Inclusion in business isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the key to attracting top talent, making better decisions, and building an amazing workplace culture.

Unlock Collective Brilliance

We'll help you embed inclusion into your people, practices & products.

Inclusive People

Develop purpose driven, human centred & collaborative teams with inclusive leaders who leverage diversity, foster inclusion and share success​.

Inclusive Practices

Embed and scale inclusive best practice, systematically counter bias and engage diverse people to co-create better solutions.

Inclusive Products

Serve more people with a better, more equitable experience, gain market share and avoid reputational risk.

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We help organisations take a more human centred, purpose led approach with diversity and inclusion at the core. Trusted by top global firms, we combine extensive experience with a personalised, friendly approach, genuinely caring about your future success, as a long term strategic partner.

World class expertise. Boutique care.


Committed to helping you get results.

We don’t just deliver training. We are your strategic partner to drive meaningful change. We’ll help you make an impact. 


Flexible engagement options to suit all needs.

We don’t deliver one size fits all solutions. Our services are crafted to meet your unique needs, to ensure targeted and impactful results.


Experienced, trusted advisors at your side.

We are not a generic inclusion consultancy. We are thought leaders in inclusive innovation, inspiring forward-thinking approaches for sustained success.

We are focused on delivering tangible results with practical, actionable steps that yield measurable and positive outcomes. We believe in working closely with our partners, fostering a relationship built on trust, open communication and shared values.

Join us on a collaborative journey towards a more inclusive and innovative future.

Success stories

"Diversily have helped us from the beginning of our DE&I journey, firstly supporting to create our strategy and then a training programme for our managers and product teams. They listened to what we needed and created a bespoke programme. The trainers were amazing and our managers took away concrete actions from the sessions. We are now excited to be working with Diversily on the next part of our DE&I journey."
Christina Headshot
Christina Nunes
People & Culture Lead - YouView
"Diversily have played a crucial role in our Diversity and Inclusion journey at SWIFT. They bring great value and thoughtfulness, especially in inclusive leadership training and engagement, inclusive culture building and focus group facilitation."
Picture of Erin Thornton smiling
Erin Thornton
Diversity and Inclusion Lead - SWIFT
"We chose to work with Diversily as Marissa is knowledgeable, charismatic and enthusiastic. Diversily were able to assess what we needed and put together a tailored training package on inclusive meetings for the department, which close to 100 people attended. The feedback received from staff was excellent and the ideas were easy to implement."
Saida Bello headshot
Saida Bello
Head of Diversity and Inclusion - Government Actuary Department

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