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Learn more about The Change Canvas, our highly rated simple, but powerful framework for driving change.

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The Change Canvas methodology provides a proven, systematic approach to building key levers for success into the way your team operates. Our purpose-led, human-centred approach is inclusive, innovative and iterative.

Inclusive Leadership

We help leaders to have more impact, become more effective and get better results by developing their 'inclusive intelligence' and sense of purpose .

Team Culture

We help you nurture high performing, inclusive teams by encouraging bold conversations, building a value based culture of belonging and unlocking collective intelligence.

Strategic Delivery

We help you make more impact by improving productivity, agility and focus with our proven methodology that connects strategy to execution.

Inclusive Experiences

We help you to systematically create inclusive products, services, teams & experiences that work for more people, more of the time.

Use The Change Canvas to

The Change Canvas is a powerful, flexible, yet simple, visual framework powering positive change all around the world. It unites people on a shared mission; inspiring direction, empowerment, focus and transparency. It combines reflection, vision and action into an iterative and results focused approach for driving change.

The Change Canvas

The Change Canvas is the flagship tool in The Diversily Toolkit which also includes other powerful visual frameworks such as the Inclusive Lenses and The People Map. The Change Canvas is free and will always be free. Use it to make the change you want to see a reality! All we ask is that you share your feedback and credit Diversily. 

Foster Belonging and Unlock Collective Intelligence

Think and lead differently with The Change Canvas.  Empower your team to be more than the sum of their parts by building these key levers for success into the way you work. 

Foster a high performing team

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Think differently to improve constantly

By embracing change, thinking inclusively and leading authentically, we can help you acheive so much more.


Run our unique, engaging and impactful workshops to develop leaders, create inclusion and manage change.


Grow your knowledge and equip yourself with tools and strategies to drive your success as a leader and change maker.


Use our flagship tool, The Change Canvas and the other frameworks in The Diversily Toolkit to structure your thinking and drive forward progress.


Take advantage of decades of experience to help you find tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

As a business leader, innovator, change maker or entrepreneur you need to be able to unite people to deliver against an inspiring vision. You need to be able to navigate change, unlock collective intelligence and create inclusive cultures that inspire high performance. Our mission is to help people just like you with our resources, workshops and tailored services.

Take a look at our most popular resources or contact us to discuss your requirements.

As a diversity and inclusion practitioner you need to be able to lead successful strategic change and inspire and empower others in your organisation to step up and play their part. We’ve got your back with our tools, resources and workshops.

Take a look at our most popular resources or contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • The Inclusion Hackathon: Run a high impact, team building event to unite people to co-create solutions to make your organisation more diverse and inclusive.
  • Inclusive Experience Design: Bring people together to focus in on specific experiences, processes, offerings and systematically come up with ideas to make them more inclusive using The Diversily Toolkit and this ready-to-go workshop format.
  • The Change Canvas Handbook: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively drive strategic change using our tried and tested methodology.
  • Inclusive Leadership: Raise the bar and open the eyes of the leaders in your organisation by enrolling them in our inclusive leadership workshops.