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Free online course to learn about The Change Canvas, our flagship powerful, yet simple visual framework for driving change.

Free frameworks for managers to develop themselves, their teams and drive inclusive action. 

Free self assessment quiz to help you identify your priorities to build a purpose led, collaborative and inclusive culture. 

Free online course to learn how to use several Diversily visual frameworks to create inclusive experiences for diverse audiences. 

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The power of visual frameworks

Conversation is important – but talk can be fast, fragile and disconnected. Even when we think we agree, often we have different interpretations or ideas about what has been decided. Visual frameworks allow salient points to be debated and documented. They force sense making, clarifying and summarising – which are all needed to create alignment and clarity. Their simplicity is their power. 

The Diversily Toolkit includes a number of visual frameworks to help you drive inclusive change. 

Accelerating Change All Around The World



The Diversily Toolkit

Learn more about the visual frameworks in the Diversily Toolkit. 

The Change Canvas

The Change Change is our flagship tool accelerating change all around the world. It combines reflection, vision and action into an iterative and results focused approach that gets results. Unite people on a shared mission & inspire direction, empowerment, focus and transparency. 

What is it?

The Change Canvas is a simple but powerful framework for mapping out a desired change initiative. It helps you reflect on where you are today, define your vision for the future and take steps to make it happen; celebrating results along the way.  It inspires an iterative, action oriented approach that bonds people and gets results.

Why does it matter?

Whether it is personal change, organisational change or development of new products and services, change can be difficult. You can increase your chances of success by using the Change Canvas to provide focus, direction and alignment to create a shared, successful change journey for everyone involved.

Develop Indiviuals

Unite Teams

Deliver Impact

The Change Canvas

Use The Change Canvas to lead change change culture develop yourself mentor others create inclusion boost performance run projects define strategy innovate get results

Learn more about how organisations around the world are using The Change Canvas to unleash potential and make real progress. Example uses include powering your diversity and inclusion initiatives, strategic planning, uniting cross functional teams and running workshops. 

The 8 Inclusive Lenses

What is it?

The 8 Inclusive Lenses is a tool that can be used to look at any situation and come up with ideas for how the environment or experience could be more inclusive & appealing to a diverse audience. Each lens covers a different angle and together they help you ensure you are operating with an inclusive mindset.

Why does it matter?

Research shows that diverse and inclusive teams perform better leading to increased productivity, greater innovation, better products, better decision-making and higher employee satisfaction. The 8 inclusive lenses can help you to find ways to embed diversity and inclusion into your business by helping you uncover potential areas for improvement.

The 8 inclusive lenses template

The People Map

What is it?

The People Map is a unique take on a traditional stakeholder map that considers evolution over time & helps you draw out perspectives of interest. It helps you think about the different players involved, but also importantly helps you identify the potentially underrepresented groups whose perspectives you’ll want to consider.

Why does it matter?

Success or failure is often about the people involved. Understanding your stakeholders, individuals and organisations, now and in the future, is a fundamental step to ensure everyone is engaged. Often underrepresented voices are not heard, so explicitly calling out the groups you will focus on will lead to a more inclusive approach.

The People Map Template

The Viewpoints Canvas

What is it?

The Viewpoints Canvas helps break down the touchpoints of your experience and consider the perspectives and understand the needs of people from different, often underrepresented groups. It encourages you to actively seek out diverse views and create more inclusive solutions.

Why does it matter?

Understanding different needs and perspectives is critical to being able to create inclusive experiences & solutions that do not unintentionally exclude people within your target audience. Without careful, intentional action many voices can be left unheard leading to poor experiences, limited engagement & failed solutions. 

The Viewpoints Canvas

More Change Canvas Resources

Turn purpose into impact, using The Change Canvas methodology. Connect strategy to execution and unite your team to deliver results.

Free guide for workshop facilitators and event organisers on how to use The Change Canvas to engage audiences and create an impact. 

Gain focus, direction and clarity with The Change Canvas to take control of your life and make the change you want to see a reality. 

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